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[Perfect Skin] Magnetic Mega Cover Foundation SP Snow Edition (Original)

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Magnetic Mega Cover Foundation SP Snow Edition

Hot summer! A foundation dedicated to summer to cool off my skin

Summer skin calming, sebum control, moisture moisturizing, UV protection!

All skin types | Whitening | Wrinkle improvement | UV Protection SPF50 + / PA ++++

Actresses’ summer it items, snow fact!

As the first make-up,
Temperature-responsive patented component that reacts to body temperature is powder-coated and skin adhesion and endurance UP!
Clinically proven actress skin makeup effect !!
· Normal puff contrast coverage, adhesion, brightness
enhancement clinical completion · Water proof clinical completion
Synergy of three times more powerful ingredients
· X3 times more naturally derived ingredient
· x3 times more complex complex 7 Moisturizing with flower ingredients UP

Completion of summer exclusive fact with upgraded ingredient!

Hot summer, magic that makes perfect skin

Summer calm skin

Calamine powder-containing sebum control Skin-friendly feeling UP!

Moist skin moisturizing

Snail extract mucilage fed aloe skin moisturizing UP!

Natural ingredients x3 times!

Contains 10 plant-derived ingredients and 230 natural ingredients three times stronger than the 4.5 season


Let the vivid flowers bloom! Complex 7 Flower Extract 3 times more powerful than the 4.5 season

Adhesion comparison

Sprayer water spray test

Coverage comparison

Spots, flushes, pores, and wrinkles are also covered in a luxurious look.


It is possible to cover it with a puff of water droplets.

Clinical testing

first! Most! Longest! Clinical completion of 13 hours covering 28 hours

Clinically proven differentiated magnetic puff

· General puff compared to coverage enhancement assistance, general puffs compared to the adhesion (tenacity) to improve assistance and general puffs compared to enhance radiance help

Complete skin irritation test

· Chungnam National University, 2016.08.08 ~ 12, 30 people, once, 48 hours after applying the patch, back part, individual difference


The magic that makes a perfect skin

  • How to use this product
    Take an appropriate amount of Magnetical Puff, then apply it to the cheeks and forehead as a stamp.
    After applying the skin texture, apply it all over your face and finish it by tapping again the part you want to cover.
  • How to Refill
    Press the groove on the back of the container to remove the existing foundation.
    Press the two grooves of the refill container to take out the new foundation and fit it into the container.
  • Puff usage
    Make sure that the puff is not hooked to the pointed portion of the applicator first, then
    pull the puff up and down at the same time and pull it gently.
    Pull the bottom of the puff firmly and pull it, please note that the puff may tear!
  • Precautions
    – Sudden temperature changes may cause oil to seep onto the foundation surface and leave fine marks.
    – When drying after puff washing, be sure to dry completely until the moisture disappears from the shade.
    Residual moisture can cause skin problems.
Weight 0.12 g



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