MAMONDE ★NEW Flower Essence Mask sheet 20ml★ *5pcs

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All day fermentation in Mamonde kkotsu mask for tired skin
every day special care

Flower EssenceMask 10 kinds

  • Water (Narcissus)

    Full of moisture to the skin moisture secrets of daffodils to save a lot of water in a dry land, and fill the mask

  • Whitening (Magnolia)

    Symbolizing the “nobility” and more clear that masks the skin with ingredients Magnolia smokes a bright flower

  • Moisturizer (rose)

    From ancient masks that moisturize the skin moist efficacy of the use of roses for female beauty

  • Anti-Aging (Camellia)

    Even with that mask the harsh winter strong vitality of the camellias bloom completion healthy skin

  • Calm (lotus)

    By containing lotus flowers amid fresh ingredients smokes a mud mask, soothing fragile skin

  • Nutrition (Jasmine)

    It contains ingredients that sense of relaxation with a hint of jasmine incense to mask the rich nutrition to the skin rough

  • Resilience (honeysuckle)

    Create a mask to give skin a firmer honeysuckle ingredient which boasts a strong absorption in the dry land

  • High moisture (Rose of Sharon)

    Mask with infinite vitality of the Hibiscus bloom of 5000 chaohreuneun variety of moisturizing the skin

  • Animation (pomegranate)

    Vitamin mask that is blowing as abundant vitality to tired skin known as pomegranate ingredients

  • Sebum Control (Houttuynia cordata)

    Fiji pore care mask that allows you to adjust the balance, also known as cosmetic ingredients containing Houttuynia cordata seconds

Key Features

Eucalyptus wood fiber pulp produced by natural reproduction “pure Tencel Pit” sheet

1. The smooth and highly transparent fiber

2. The high water holding capacity than cotton

3. Cool and soft-touch fabric

4. Strong elasticity

Transparency and thickness
  • [existing]

    Flower Essential Mask

  • [NEW]

    Flower Essence Mask

  • [existing]

    Flower Essential Mask

  • [NEW]

    Flower Essence Mask


The efficacy of fermentation

Excellent room buoyancy

Jimyeo alcohol or lactic acid made during microbial fermentation, the material should have a natural preservative to prevent the role of nutrients destroyed to prevent corruption

The new generation of nutrients

In my life organisms folic acid, riboflavin, vitamin B such as thiamine create a


Fermentation changes in deferred while rich nutrients, as well as reduce the amount of cyanide a

Increased absorption

Good small particles go through the fermentation process while the skin absorbs

Flower fermentation boosting effects

Flower extract, fermented lactic acid bacteria +

Jimyeonseo particles are small dense nutrients are absorbed in the skin healthy and solid and fast your skin care

How to use

Flower Essence Mask Usage

STEP 1. helps to arrange the texture of the skin after cleansing toner.

STEP 2. Remove the mask causes the adhesive evenly over the entire face except for the eyes and around the mouth.

STEP 3. Essence 10-20 minutes, remove the mask after much remains in the skin causes absorption knocked lightly.

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