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[Laniege] BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++/Refill 15g

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All-day moisture and glowing skin

BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Cushion with Brightening + UV protection + Water-Resistant + Soothing effect

BB Cushion SPF 50+ PA+++

Advanced 6 Multi Benefits with Only 1 Touch

1. Brightening effect

Whitening ingredients of Laneige White Plus Renew line safely and naturally brightens complexion, and increases skin clarity while fading blemishes.

2. UV protection

SPF 50+, PA+++ offers strong protection against harmful UV rays and sun damage.

3. Moisturizing Effect

Laneige’s exclusive Optimal Mineral Water provides instant and deep moisturizing effect.

4. Natural and clean coverage

The medium coverage of a make-up tint gives the skin a natural finish without oil-shine and stickiness.

5. Soothing effect

Fresh cooling sensation instantly cools the skin surface by 4℃, to refresh and soothe fatigued skin.

6. Water resistant

Long-lasting make-up for up to 12 hours provides strong resistance against perspiration and sebum.

All shades

Colors only Laneige BB Cushion can offer!

Find the perfect tone for your skin!

No.13 True Beige

No.13 True Beige
The beige color with yellow tone for bright and clear skin tone.
No.21 Natural Beige

No.21 Natural Beige
The calm natural beige for chic and natural skin tone.
No.21P Pink Beige

No.21P Pink Beige
Medium beige color with pink undertone for vibrant, bright complexion
No.23 Sand Beige

No.23 Sand Beige
The sand beige for healthy and natural skin tone for tanned skin.
No.31 Brown Beige

No.31 Brown Beige
The brown beige for naturally healthy skin tone for darker skin.
No.35 Cacao Beige

No.35 Cacao Beige
Dark Beige for chocolate undertone.


Tailor-made puff

This cosmetic puff is like no other. The moisturizing agents inside the soothing cushion give the formula a smooth, natural finish. Here, we find out the details of the technologies hidden inside the puff.

Tailor-made puff

Antibacterial air cell sponge / Double puff structure
The formula glides onto skin evenly without clots and cools skin since it does not absorb moisture

Cleansing the puff

1. Take the puff with both hands and press down with the thumb.
2. Push out the foundation residue to the outer rim of the cushion.
3. Place the puff on your palm and press down when rinsing to remove the rest of the residue.


Do not rub or crease the cushion when cleansing. The double-ply structure may crack or get dislocated.



Tests on skin brightness, color longevity, and cooling effect

Skin brightness (before application) / (after application)

Skin looks bright and vibrant immediately after application.

Color longevity (before application) / Immediately after application / 12 hours later)

Laneige BB Cushion improved skin complexion, with the effect lasting for 12 hours.

Cooling effect (before application) / Immediately after application)

Skin’s surface temperature dropped by 4 degrees Celsius immediately after application.

Questionnaire (effect, satisfaction)

Skin looks bright and vibrant immediately after application.
Overall experience using the product
Imperfections are covered yet skin looks natural.
Skin instantly looks moisturized
Skin appears to have a healthy glow.
Skin appears to reflect light.
Formula stays on skin without causing darkening or coming off.

※ Test subjects: 20 adult women in their 20s and 30s / Test period: August 8 to August 9, 2013 / Test conducted by Elite Co., Ltd.

How to use

Step 1.

Take some product with the puff and stroke along skin’s texture. Apply another layer for more coverage.

Step 2.

If no product seeps out when the puff is pressed down with a finger, replace the cartridge with a refill.

How to refill

Close the product completely and turn it upside down. Press the bottom of the container with both hands to remove the empty cartridge.

Puff maintenance

Keep the puff clean at all times. Use lukewarm water mixed with neutral washing agent and lightly squeeze to cleanse. Rinse thoroughly, squeeze the moisture out, and dry completely in a cool shade to prolong use.

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