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[HERA] UV Mist Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ Nicholas Kirkwood 2016 Limited Edition

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A multi-function sunblock foundation that works as a mist, foundation and sunblock to brighten and cool down the skin for skin that’s dewy and glowing.

Instant hydration and cooling effect with mineral clay water

Mineral clay water contains microscopic clay, which is found in icy seawater and is smaller than fog particles. It is used in place of purified water to enhance hydration in the skin through control of osmotic pressure to help lessen impurities, remove dead skin cells and excess sebum to keep the skin clean, clear and moisturized. In addition, it contains 30% mineral clay water that cools down the skin temperature as soon as it touches the skin to leave the skin feeling refreshed.

Thin, fresh, dewy and glowing makeup like the work of makeup artist

Hyperfine emulsion formula stabilized with fine cells of the Cushion penetrates through the Cushion layer into the puff to allow you to wear thin, clean, fresh and glowing makeup with a dewy finish, just like wearing an invisible shroud over the face.

Anti-oxidative effect of Smart Layer UV in addition to sun protection

With high SFP50+, PA+++ it effectively protects the skin from harmful UV rays, while Smart Layer UV Complex contains anti-oxidative β-Carotene, sunflower oil and vitamin E, which provide protection for the skin against harmful UV rays to prevent any photoaging of the skin.

3 Step Technology

UV MIST CUSHION for UV protection, skin cooling, whitening and moisturizing to create glowing skin

Moist puff that absorbs moisturizing ingredients to deliver them into the skin

This moist, hydrophilic puff that can absorb water, making it unlike the general dry puff. This means that it can absorb the moisture contained in the foundation. The moist puff helps the foundation blend well into the skin and keeps it moist without looking cakey.

Moist Cushion with 800,000 pores

This innovative stamp type cushion is designed to help stop cakey-looking makeup and reduce the effort required to dab foundation with large particles onto the skin. Fine 280 micrometer-sized 800,000 pores break up the moisturizing foundation into smaller particles to create dewy, glowing skin without looking cakey.

Special water for lowering the skin temperature by 2℃ and double-walled container

The distinguishing cooling effect of UV MIST CUSHION is the product of two key technologies. The first is mineral clay water whose particles are as small as fog. It makes up 30% of the foundation, cooling down the skin temperature by 2℃ upon application. The second is a double-walled compact container that keeps the foundation cool like a thermos bottle. With these two key technologies, the foundation delivers a feeling of refreshment to the skin as soon as it touches the skin, and creates a dewy, glowing skin.

Clinical test of cooling effect

The skin temperature has decreased by 2℃, about 5.23 cooler than the skin where UV MIST CUSHION is not applied.
The skin temperature is restored 76.3% (compared to the skin temperature before heating).

Clinical test of texture and application

80% of respondents gave a positive review about the texture (how well it glides on the skin) and 75% said that UV MIST CUSHION felt thinner than the product they were using previously.

  • 2-day test targeting 20 adult women / conducted by IE CKorea
KeywordAll skin types 15g x 2 Day/Night Whitening UV Protection

How to use

How to apply

To do makeup

  • Use in the sunscreen step after your basic skincare routine. (It works as sunblock, makeup base and foundation.)
  • Put a good amount on the puff by pushing it against the sponge and dab it gently on the face.

To fix makeup

Put a small amount on the puff and dab it gently on the face.

Special tips

To create more natural looking skin

Choose the N series to create a natural, yet clear, dewy and shining skin. If you want to cover skin imperfections, put a good amount of the C series on the puff and dab it on any imperfections to create clear, flawless skin.

To create flawless skin

Choose the C series. It gives more coverage to create flawless skin glowing with health.

To create shimmering skin

Choose No.22 SHIMMER VANILLA to create bright, shimmering skin. Use N or C series to do makeup and dab No.22 SHIMMER VANILLA on the T-zone and cheekbones to accentuate the features of dewy, shining skin.


  • Keep the product closed after use. If you don’t close it, moisturizing and other effective ingredients could evaporate and make the sponge shrink.
  • If you’re using your hands to apply the product, you may not be able to feel its cooling effect due to the heat of your hands.
  • The specially designed anti-bacterial puff is hygienic and safe to use.

How to replace the refill

  • Press the arrow mark at the back of the product with your thumb.
  • Push up the bottom of the product.
  • Separate the refill that pops up.
  • Push the new refill into the place.
Weight 0.2 g


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